A Mood to Match

My mood has finally succumbed to the dreary Bergen weather. I cannot wait to be back in Copenhagen – I miss my bike, my husband, and the people and places I am familiar with. Doesn’t that just sound so Danish? I have, unknowingly, begun my transition to becoming more Dane; something I would definitely welcome with open arms if it were certain that I would spend the rest of my career and living days in Denmark. A disaster is imminent if I don’t end up staying. Imagine employing the Danish work-life balance in a place like New York. DOOM.

To be perfectly honest, I slept at 4 am today and woke up at 8 am. I finally presented my research project – terribly, if I may say so, because of lack of sleep (alibi, yes!). I was also made to realize that I’ve done the analysis of my results wrongly. My throat was parched for 2 hours because I forgot to get myself a glass of water before a session and I couldn’t stand up and leave to do so since I was the session’s timer and moderator. After lunch, I absentmindedly walked inside the male restroom. When my Danish officemates left for the airport, people started mistaking me as a saleslady. I went in a restaurant to get dinner, waited for 5 minutes and then, left – white people cut in line and I guess I was too short to be noticed by the lady at the counter (I’m 5’2″/156 cm). I also accidentally crushed an orange, male ladybug with my bag. I guess things just started down in the morning and continued downhill (if that was even possible!). And now, despite slightly better city weather, I’m staying indoors. I had lasagne and chips with salsa and guacamole delivered to my hotel room. I truly feel like a sad person.

But maybe it’s just lack of sleep, or lack of familiar company. Being a Filipino, it has always been relatively easier and more enjoyable for me to find my way in Spanish cities. Scandinavia has been tough. It is so different from many of the things I am familiar with, and it is not exactly the world’s most open and accepting of other cultures.

I guess, when it rains, it really pours. I’ve had such a terrible day today that I cannot wait for it to already be tomorrow. I will be in Copenhagen then. Back in familiar territory. Until then, I will stare at you coldly if you so much ask me to process a sale for you.

September 3, 2016 | Bergen, Norway