Papirøen, Copenhagen Street Food

After  almost 20 months of irregularly touring friends around Copenhagen, I have come to the conclusion that the one place friends will always be thankful I took them to is Papirøen. Literally translated as “paper island”, Papirøen used to be a paper factory and was the harbor’s last industrial area with no public access. At the end of 2012, the Procurement Association of the Danish Press terminated the paper factory’s contract, five years ahead of time, paving the way for exhibitions, cafés and restaurants, all on a temporary basis.


Papirøen, shot from across the water


A huge plywood seagull designed by landscape architect Kaare Skjerning and created by WoodCouture

Papirøen’s warehouse 7 & 8 is currently home to Copenhagen Street Food, an agglomeration of stalls selling various food and drinks (click here for a list of all stalls and their specialties). Calling the place Copenhagen Street Food, however, is a bit of a misnomer. When I think of Danish street food, I think of Danish pølser (English: Danish sausage), bøf sandwich (English: steak sandwich), and pølse i svøb (English: pigs in a blanket); but definitely not bibimbap, sushi and oysters, or butter chicken. Nevertheless, food is food, and the food here is not just good, it is also cheap(er). And to top it off, this is one of the few places in Denmark that caters to an international experience.


Food stalls @ Copenhagen Street Food


Eating tables inside Copenhagen Street Food


Fish and chips from Tolbodens Fish N Chips


Vegetarian pasta with an edible plate from Il Mattarello


Salad with goat cheese from La Fattoria


And if you want it simple, potatoes topped with cheese 🙂

While I unfortunately do not have photos (I was too excited to eat!),  I highly recommend Duck It’s pulled duck and Bulko’s bibimbap. 🙂

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 12.00 – 21.00
Friday – Saturday 12.00 – 22.00
Sunday: 12.00 – 21.00
(On Sundays, some stalls close at 20.00)

Address: Warehouse 7 & 8, Trangravsvej 14, 1426 Copenhagen K
Website | Facebook | Instagram

*Addendum: I learned in early May 2017 that Papirøen Copenhagen Street Food will not be at its current location for very long. There are reports that the warehouse will be torn down to make way for a residential development project on that location. So, if you’re visiting Copenhagen in the near future, you might want to make sure you go try out the street foods there before they are gone. At the time of writing, there is no news of whether the food stalls will relocate to another place.

April 1, 2017 | Copenhagen, Denmark


One thought on “Papirøen, Copenhagen Street Food

  1. i’ve enjoyed all the food that i’d tried at papirøen so far. some i liked better than others, for instance, the brazilian grilled food and bibimbap. if you’re coming to copenhagen in the near future, you might want to eat there before the place gets torn down to make way for for a housing development project.


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