Oslo is Love

I’m currently in Oslo for a Nordic experimental conference. It’s my third time, second city in Norway. And without me even noticing it, Norway is quickly becoming my favorite Scandinavian country. Everything is just so beautiful. I like how the Norwegians have incorporated cities in nature, I am fascinated by Norwegian architecture and how they utilize space, and I like the fact that diversity is tangible in its capital city.

Today, after the last parallel session, I took a walk around the city center. I sat down and watched ducks paddle on a pond near the royal palace. I was even lucky enough to witness a change in palace guards. It was thoroughly enjoyable, what with their synchronized marching and funky hats. It was also quite funny how tourists would rush to have their pictures taken with the marching guards in the background. Maybe if I was with Andrew, I’d dare to have my photo taken with the same marching guards background as well. :p


The Royal Palace

I walked along the shoreline, saw a presentation detailing the various architectural buildings in Norway, went in a small grocery store and found that it had a greater product variety that many bigger grocery stores in Copenhagen, and dropped by an Asian food festival. One day, when the cost of spending so much on food and accommodations in Norway is no longer so painful, I would like to come back and play tourist. I think I will like that very much. I think Andrew will too.


October 02, 2016 | Oslo, Norway

4 thoughts on “Oslo is Love

  1. Lovely post! Norway is on my travel bucket list – the landscape just seems so diverse and breath-taking. I’m from Canada, but I currently live in Sweden. Have you been to Stockholm? If you like incorporating nature into cities, it has also done a very successful job.


    • Thank you! Norway is breathtaking. It comes highly recommended from me. 🙂 Canada is quite breathtaking too, at least from the pictures I’ve seen. I’ve never been, which is a shame because many of my childhood friends are now residing in Canada. I would like to visit one day.

      I went to Stockholm in the winter of last year because I found a $10 round trip ticket and I just couldn’t ignore something that cheap. Stockholm is beautiful, but it was dark when I visited. I’d like to go back sometime during the summer, when the flowers are in full bloom and the trees are green. I’m sure that would make a lovely contrast to the colorful houses. 🙂


      • Canada, with regards to landscape, can be quite similar to Sweden – at least from my point of view. Sweden in the summer is a whole different country. The greenery and almost eternal daylight is amazing.


  2. diversity. a very pertinent and meaningful word.

    one thing that i’ve experienced being in copenhagen the past few months is the homogeneity. people look very much similar, dress in similar styles, etc. i would like to explore norway with you to discover how much more diverse it is, and to see how the differences are between the cities and countryside. but from photos of different parts of the country that i’ve seen from you and from friends’ social media posts, it’s a beautiful country that i’d like to explore in the near future (maybe even in the winter).


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