Dreamy Bergen

Today is the start of the conference parallel sessions. No, I did not present today. I have, unfortunately, been assigned to be one of the last to present. I mean, somebody has got to be last, so why not Anna. :p

There were two highlights of my day today: the 50-minute walk from my hotel to the conference venue and the plenary speaker who spoke about gender and competition. The idea of the plenary talk was basically how men are more competitive than women, perhaps because of belief or of risk attitudes (among many other things) and how, instead of finding ways to make women more competitive, we should find ways to have a culture that is more female-inclusive. Perhaps competition should not be used to measure  success in certain fields. Maybe there is another benchmark where women do not shy away from. The plenary talk ended with ideas that tickled the mind for future projects, which I found instantly gratifying given that mine has not been tickled for some time there.

My 50-minute walk (It was only supposed to be 45 minutes, according to Google Maps!) has also not been anything short of pleasant, despite the gloomy weather. I took several pictures on the way – of the fjords, of the houses and of the greeneries growing on the side of the road. Bergen reminds me of Tagaytay Highlands in the Philippines or a very rainy day in some super remote town in Hilo. It’s charming, even when it’s cold and rainy.

I wish one day I would have a house at a place like this – a place of refuge when I want to run away from the world. I would like to come up here for a retreat: to read my book near a fireplace beside a furry sleepy dog and a warm cup of chocolate. That would be the life. Until then, it’s nice to be here for a visit.

September 1, 2016 | Bergen, Norway

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